As a trained and certified teacher, and an artist, I offer various art classes to children and adults.


Workshops in watercolor, acrylic, or oil.

Private or small group classes. Three-hour workshop with supplies provided is $75.00 per person. Use your own supplies and pay $50.00 only. Time, location, and the list of supplies will be determined upon class request. Quality supplies are used in these classes. *In-studio classes on these photos were taught at Art SLAM Studio. Contact me with requests.


Group painting classes, paint and sip nights, birthday painting parties for children and adults.

$35.00 per person with 6 to 25 people in a group. Studio grade supplies are provided for these events. Here are some examples of paintings I have done in the past in such groups. I can also develop a personalized themed painting for your event upon request, which is a fun and creative process, and I would gladly do it for you! Contact me to schedule your group fun and learning painting event! I do not offer space for these events, but am open to house parties, restaurants or breweries if you make a reservation.