Artist Statement

Art is an infinite world of freedom that allows us to get lost in it and find ourselves at the same time.

I am a self-taught artist. Since early childhood I was always drawn to the art world, whether it was stopping at the art gallery after school, or drawing and crafting before doing my homework. With a little bit of luck in finances, I was eventually able to stock up on art supplies. Not one day went by since then without painting. I absolutely love what I do. The beauty of our world inspires me, as well as the painting process itself. Art is the essence of my life.

My primary medium is oil, but I like to paint with other mediums such as watercolor and pastels as well, using highest quality paint, paper, or canvas, that ensures long lasting quality. Fine art is meant to last forever! I don't rush with one painting, and dedicate as much time as it takes to meet my standards. I will be honored to commission a personalized art for you whether it is a portrait, landscape, an old photo that you would like to bring to life along with those treasured memories, and save it for generations to come in your family. Please, contact me with your request or questions.